Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So there has been some stuff going on that I'm just not ready to talk about yet. That's why I havent updated. I'll fill you all in eventually, just right now I'm not in the right mindset to do so.

Nothing else is going on. I'm still fat. Haven't been to the gym in forever and a day. Getting ready to throw SO a surprise BD party on the 10th! I'm so excited cause the weather is supposed to be perfect that day! It's going to be in the 70's and sunny! Perfect BBQ weather!

I wanted to have a cake made for him..A really detailed cake like you would see on Ace of Cakes or something. But I got some quotes from like actual bakeries and they all want like 700 bucks and up!! UHHHH Fuck that shit. I love him, but not for 700 bucks for something thats going to get destroyed by his ravenous, cake hungry friends! So I'm thinking about just going to the local grocery store and asking them to just do what I originally wanted sculpted, in icing laying flat on the cake....Would grocery stores be willing to draw a bottle of Kentucky Gentlemen on a cake??

So that's all there is folks! I'll let you know how the party goes =)

ETA: Just checked the weather...It now says it's going to be 59 and raining all day on the 10th....Just another shitty thing to happen!!!

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