Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rough few weeks

Nothing major to update on.

I've been dealing with crippling hip/pelvic pain. Most days, it's a struggle just to make it out of bed. Once I get going, it eases up a little, but not much. If I sit down for more than 5 minutes, it takes me about 10 minutes to get up again.

I also went on a lovely little trip yesterday.....Down the stairs. All thanks to this wonderful pain. I'm fine, and baby is fine. I went down on my back. I was carrying the laundry basket down (which I'm not supposed to be doing anyway *glares at J*) and because of my pain my legs just gave out and down I went. I called my OB right away and he said just to lie down the rest of the day and if I felt any cramping or lack of movement at all, go right to L&D. But she was wiggling away the whole night so I wasn't worried.

We got the crib set up! It looks amazing! I have a picture but am far too lazy at the moment to post it. Soon though, soon!

This is going to be TMI but I am ready to chop my boobs off. My nipples are SO insanely itchy they are actually raw! It only ever gets that way at night, dont ask me why. But it is seriously annoying.

I think that is everything for now. Sorry it wasn't more interesting but no news is good news I guess..

OH! That reminds me...No gestational diabetes! YAY!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Good news all around!

Today was my 20 week anatomy scan! I had been waiting for this for day forever!

I am so glad we didn't wait to find out the gender today, because she was being SO stubborn and not showing us the goods for a long while! When she finally did, it wasn't a great shot. But the tech 100% agreed all girl!

When I first lied down on the table and the tech started prodding me with the wand, I started feeling these hard taps right near my belly button. I pointed to the spot on my belly and asked the tech what part of the baby was there. Sure enough, it was her little feet! Kicking away at me! Every time I would watch her kick on the screen, I would feel it on my belly! Such a sweet moment for us.

In short, everything looked perfect! The only measurement they could not get was the spine. She did not want to flip over today! Funny, how at my elective ultrasound all she wanted to show was her spine!

I have to go back in 4 weeks to get the spine measurement. And then in 5 weeks I need to have a Fetal Echo done because I was born with a heart murmur, and they want to keep an eye on her for that. Then after that, I go every 6 weeks for an ultrasound. Those Placental Lakes they found at the NT scan don't look like they will be clearing up. So they need to keep a close watch to make sure Mackenzie is gaining weight properly and her growth isn't being hindered by the lakes.

She was measuring in at 19 weeks exactly, and 10 oz. I should be 19 weeks 5 days but they said she will probably just be a very small baby, and they will not be changing my due date. At my OB appointment on Monday they said my uterus was measuring 20 weeks exactly, so I am still right on track!

We finally ordered and received her crib!!! J will be putting it together tonight and I am so ridiculously excited for this! It makes it all feel very real now. I can't wait to order her bedding and make it look like an actual nursery in there!

Here are just a few pictures from today!

The profile shot

She started sucking her thumb! Another sweet moment captured!

And her little feet!!! I just hope they don't stink like her Daddy!!!!