Friday, August 12, 2011

33 Weeks....4-6 weeks to go!

Hello strangers!! (And Stalkers....You know who you are!)

I just really haven't had the desire to update this thing religiously like I was a year ago. Between the extreme heat wave that is just NOW letting up (it's been in the high 90's with a heat index in the 100's for the last month) and being pregnant and in pain, I just haven' spent much time on the computer.

I had the most AMAZING baby shower on the 16th of July. I was truly touched by everyone who came and their thoughtfulness. I even had people I had never even met before send gifts with my mother-in-law. Some of her very good clients sent us a whole slew of stuff. I don't think I could pick a single favorite item that I got because everything was just too amazing. The day was filled with laughter and trips down memory lane with friends from high school. It was an awesome day.

Then the not so awesome part came. Gestational Diabetes. I has it. BOOOO. I went in for my 3 hour GT test...Which was TORTURE. UG! The drink itself isn't bad at all, I actually kind of like it. But the waiting is the sucky part. The only part I passed was the fasting reading. I failed each hour by like 5 points. So it's not a very severe case, but GD nonetheless! So I then met with a Diabetic Nutritionist, got my monitor and my diet plan. So far, it's been going great! I actually really have no problems sticking to the diet. Every once in a while I'll sneak in some chocolate, or treat myself to an ice cream cone. Doc said that was fine as long as I didn't go overboard. The exciting part about having GD is that my doctor won't let me go past 39 weeks!!! So by September 24th, I should be holding my daughter in my arms!!!!!

We also had a 3d ultrasound session! It was so cool!! The pictures did come out somewhat cloudy because of my anterior placenta but we still got some awesome shots, which I will post. Mackenzie weighs a little over 4 lbs now. She has been head down since 30 weeks too. I also feel like she has dropped, but I am not sure.

The pelvic pain is awful. Agonizing. I cry just from turning over at night. It doesn't seem to ever let up either. It's this pain that has me in the "OMG GET HER OUT OF ME NOOOOOWWWW" moment. I am ready to be done being pregnant. 4-6 weeks feels like I might as well be back in the first trimester!

So yeah...That's it. Lord knows I probably won't update again until she's here! So here are some pictures!

Frown face! Don't cry!

Laughing about something!