Saturday, January 1, 2011

Decade Review

Happy 2011 everyone! I still can't believe how fast this year went by. I've decided to quit that little 30 day project. I just don't have the time to come on everyday and update. I do however want to do a fun little thing I found on a friend blog. It's a decade review. A look back on the last 10 years of my life.

2000: Bad year. After a 2 year battle with lung cancer, my dad went to heaven on October 23rd. I was only 11, and I may have had 11 years with him but it was not enough. No one should grow up without their father.

- I started middle school! Woohoo! I think that was pretty much it. It was enough

2001: I started getting into fashion and makeup. Helloooo girlyness!

-I got even more boy crazy and had about 5 different "boyfriends" that year. 2 of which are now in lovely relationships with their "life partners". I know how to pick em!

-Road trip with my bestie!! We had such fun singing the whole way down to our destination. We sang all the songs from Buffy the Musical.

2002: - I started getting rebellious and sneaking out of the house at night with my friend

- My best friend and I devised a plan to have our parents get together so we could be sisters. This never came to fruition.

- I went away to summer camp at camp Lohikan for 8 weeks!

-I had a wonderful summer romance with a boy named Mike Maguire. At the end of the summer while we were all getting on our buses to go home, we kissed, but never exchanged phone numbers or emails. I have never seen him again.

-I met, and started dating the ex that I talk about on here (the one who put me through hell.)

- My mom and I moved to a town in Maryland, where I live to this day

2003: - I started a new school and made some of the best friends I have ever had.

- I landed a lead role in the spring musical Annie, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

-My ex and his *cringe* mother, came to visit me and watched me perform at the musical

- I went to New York for 2 weeks to visit my ex, and had an amazing time seeing the city and all the sites.

- I started high school!

- Got my first job at Burger King! I hated it!

- The ex and his mother moved to my town and I *thought* I was in heaven

- The ex and I became the "Corey and Topanga" of our school, and everyone wanted what we had.

- Spent Christmas with the ex since my mom was in Florida taking care of my Grandmother who had a heart attack. We were violently ill with the flu the whole time.

2004: - v card.

- Ex's mother reared her ugly head and ruined any chance she ever had at a relationship with anyone in my family. I was dumb enough to defend her back then.

- Ex's step-dad was released from prison after a 4 year stay. I met him for the first time. He was a nice guy despite his mistakes.

2005- Ex was forced to drop out of school. His mother wanted him to work full time so he could pay all of her bills. Lazy.

-Had my tonsils out. I would not ever do that again if I had the chance.

- They were evicted from their apartment and moved about 30 miles away over the mountain. I thought this was the end of the world.

- I turned 16!!

- Got a job at CVS Pharmacy

- Got my first Puppy, Pomeranian named Mimi

- Ex and I broke up for a while

- I started dating a guy named Jeremy.

2006: - Brought in the new year with my mom and Jeremy by watching the Grainery in my town burn down

-Broke up with Jeremy, got back with Nick

-All my weekends were now spent over the mountain with Nick's family. I never saw my friends and rarely saw my family. I was so dumb

- Got my second Pomeranian, Putter!

- Started missing lots of school due to chronic illnesses and RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome)

2007- My mom signed me out of public school because they were all idiots there. I was put into a homeschooling program.

-The funding for the homeschooling program was dropped (It was a pilot program) so I was considered a "Drop out" now.

- I got engaged

- Started planning a wedding for April 18, 2008

- I got cold feet and realized I was way too young, and called off the wedding. But still dated Nick.

- I moved to Florida...Worst decision I ever made

- 2 days after the move I got a job at a telemarketing scam company

-5 months later I was fired for not being able to scam people good enough.

- 2 weeks later I landed my dream job as a receptionist for a small company

- 2 weeks after that I was promoted to Administrative Assistant

-I got my GED!

2008: -Rang in the new year feigning happiness and wishing I was back in Maryland with people who really cared about me.

- Nick's step-dad, who was dying from liver disease, was getting worse and worse. This made me sad. He and I always used to have little chats about how he thought I deserved better, and how he wish he could leave his wife, but he felt bad cause he knew she would never find anyone else.

-Nick and I moved the eff out of his moms house...5 minutes away to his dads. 5 minutes. Yet his mother resented me because "I was taking her son away from her" boooo hooo.

- Nicks' step-dad passed away. One of the saddest moments of my life.

- I was laid off from my job and decided to move back home to Maryland. Nick chose not to come with me.

- We broke up

- I stared a job at UHC, and made some of the best friends that I can still call my best friends to this day.

- I moved out! I got my own apartment!

-I started seeing that Jeremy guy again. His nickname was now "The starer"

- I quit UHC because it was the most corrupt company I have ever worked for

- Nick got his claws back into me and came to visit me over the holidays.

- We were sooooooo in love again and somehow, he convinced me to break the lease on my apartment (I hadnt been there but 5 months) and move back to Florida with him.

- Got re-engaged on Christmas day

2009: -Found out I was pregnant

- Had a miscarriage

- Caught him cheating

-Moved back to maryland again

-Bought a house!! Woot!

-Met a guy named J....Who was this strange redneck in my house?

- Started crushing on J

-Started dating J "He's more like Mr. Right now...."

- Fell head over heels in love

2010: - J moved in!

- Pretty much ever since then you can read about everything thats happened in my life on my blog!

Would you believe this took me 3 days to finish? Holy crapoli, 10 years is a long time!

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  1. Hi! so i just stumbled across your blog and i started reading it. you are quite funny!! i just wanted to leave a comment sayin HELLOOOO!!! and i hope that we can both make progress with our weight issues...( but honestly i am pretty sure i will always be large haha)

  2. LOL Wow.I don't even want to think about my last decade. And it makes me feel really old to know that you were only 11 and I was...well, not even close to 11. lol Hope this next decade brings you many blessings and lots of happiness. Love ya!