Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who says you can't go home?

As far as weight loss goes...I've been very naughty this weekend. In my defense, I was on vacation and J and I dined out all weekend.

We went to Philadelphia for the weekend, where I grew up. I have been wanting to get back there and see my old house, and visit with some of my old neighbors. It was important to me for J to see where I grew up and had the most amazing childhood!

We left here around 10 am Friday morning. We stopped and got some drinks and snacks for the almost 3 hour trip....First diet no-no of the weekend. We arrived in my hometown about 1 pm and had lunch at the most wonderful pizza place, Cenzos. No one, and I mean no one, does pizza like them. J even said it was the best he's ever had! We then made a trip to my old house where I grew up. What a wonderful trip down memory lane

I knocked on the door, and the owners were home and were gracious enough to let us come in and walk through it. They did an tremendous amount of work to it and it looked FABULOUS! Completely updated and just amazing. I couldn't believe how great it looked!

Then we stopped at a neighbors house. A sweet little old lady named Mrs. Moran. She was so good to me when I was a little girl. She was so happy and excited to see me! She even remembered me even after not having seen me for almost 10 years! And her cat, Mancini, who I remember from when I was a little girl, was still alive and well. I couldnt believe that! We stayed and chatted for almost an hour. I hated leaving her. I wish I could have stayed all day just chatting and filling her in on the last 8 years of my life.

We checked into hotel, took a nap, and then ate dinner at the r

estaurant where my parents met. I was also pretty much raised in this place. When I was an infant, the waitresses used to carry me around with them as they were taking orders. My parents were such regulars in this place, that they always blocked off a booth in the corner for us. No one could sit there but my family. The bartender, who was an older man in his 60's or 70's, loved me like his Grand-daughter. So much so, that I even called him "pop-pop"! They had a banquet facility in the back, with a dance floor and a place for a band. Sometimes, if a band had been playing and left the equipment, My pop-pop would take me over to the microphone, and let me sing for all people in the restaurant. He always called me his "little Shirley Temple", which is why afterward, he would let me sit at the bar, and make me his best Shirley temple drink! I lived for Friday nights when we would go there.

The restaurant has been completely renovated in the last few years. The dance floor and banquet area no longer exist, Pop-pop has since passed away, and

2 of the waitresses that would have known me had just recently retired. There was only one left, but she was off duty that night. It made me sad to see how different it was. But I could still see some of the old place in there still. Ironically, J and I were seated right next to the corner where my parents booth was. That made me smile. I can still picture my daddy and I sharing a Chocolate Mousse Cake after dinner. He always ordered the Prime Rib (which J and I had and it was AMAZING) and I always got the ravioli. Ahhh Memories

Saturday we woke up and there was a freaking blizzard outside! We had plans to go into the city and go through Historic Philadelphia. See Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, take a horse and carriage ride through the streets. The roads were too bad though. So I spent the day showing him more around my little town...Friends houses and such. We went back by my old house again and to my surprise, 2 of my next door neighbors were out shoveling snow! I had to say hello! I walked up to them and asked if they remembered me....Mr. Hughes looked confused but when I said "It's Ashley from next door!" His face lit up like a Christmas tree! We chatted with them for a while as well.

That night J and I went out to dinner, had a few drinks and just enjoyed getting away for the weekend. Sunday morning we came home!

As much as I loved going back and seeing where I grew up...I missed my home here. I was so happy to see our house. I love my little 2 traffic light town where they roll up the sidewalks at 5 o'clock. I had a wonderful childhood back in Philadelphia....But I have had a wonderful adolescence and adulthood (so far) here in little ol' Thurmont! This is where I want to raise my children and where I want to be buried. This is my home.

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