Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scary News

So I had a well woman exam yesterday with a new Dr (who I really like btw). Since I'm a new patient there they had to ask all my medical history and whatnot. They asked me if any cancer ran in my family. Well yeah it does...A lot. When I told them this they suggested I get this new test they just released. It checks for Ovarian Cancer. It's based on a number scale from 0-10. Anything 3 and below is good.

Well, I got the test done and just got the results...My number came back at a 5 which is suspicious. Now, it's not the actual number they they worry so much about...I mean, that still plays a factor, but if the number jumps higher, then they really worry. So now I have to go back every 3 months to check the numbers. If they stay the same or go down, I'm A okay and it could just be the cysts affecting it. But if the numbers jump up, I'll have to get a biopsy done.

I have a sonogram scheduled to make sure there is no tumor or pre-cancerous cells on my ovaries.

I'm 21 years old...I don't want to have cancer...And I don't want to give up my ability to have children. That's like taking away air for me. The one thing I feel I was put on this earth for.

In happier news, Doc finally put me on Metformin!! 500 mg once a day for right now until my body gets used to it. Then we'll go to twice a day. I know I was going to try to do this med free...but my periods are few and far between...I can't live like this! Not to mention the pain that comes along with it. So hopefully this get my PCOS under control and will also help me lose more weight!

So far the side effects are minimal...I've noticed my tummy is a little more bubbly then usual...I'm sure it'll help me right at the most inopportune moment...Like when there isn't a bathroom for miles! Oy.

J has been amazing through this. Something he said to me made me burst into tears...If I didn't love him before, I love him more than anything now...He said "Just promise me something okay? If you do have cancer...Just promise me you'll never give up." We both held each other and cried.

It's going to be sunny and gorgeous this weekend...Maybe we'll plant some flowers.


  1. At least they caught this early before it's a problem. I have faith it'll all be ok! I'll be praying for you!

  2. My sweet Ashley ~ That's our boy, Ashley, our sweet Joshua is so precious, he'll always be there for you as I do know he loves you very much ... we are here for you always. Our hearts were torn when you shared the news that eve when I was over ... Prayers are lifting for you everywhere, I have a prayer chain for you. You know Ashley, that God leads us on a path toward Him, He carries us down paths that are troublesome ... He never abandons us, He brings us you, even in our times of worry. Trust in Him implicitly, sweetie.

    CONGRATS! on your blog ... I am soooo happy you have one going ... your background is gorgeous! I'll let Sherry know you are up & running now, she just loves you to no end.

    We still have so much to do finishing up the house for you ... you just wait & see! I do love that china ...

    Hugs of love, sweet one ~ Mini Marydon