Monday, April 12, 2010

Best. Surprise. EVER!

SO's party was AMAZING! *pats self on back*. I was so worried things were not going to pan out, but it turned out better than I had ever imagined! Here's how the day went down.

I left here at noon and did all the shopping I needed to do. While I was out I kept texting SO about how sick and crappy I felt and how I just couldn't wait to get home and lay down. I even threw in a "I'm sorry I'm not going to be able to go out and do anything with you today *sniff sniff*" He totally bought it!
I came home with a grill and told him it was a little early birthday present. His friend came over to help put the grill together. Here is where I started to get a leeeetle nervous. They were having trouble putting the grill together. I had already gotten the "Call" from my mom that I needed to go pick up the Meds for Grandma-ma! Because I was so "sick" Josh graciously agreed to do it...What a sweet guy =). However, his mom was coming over around 4:30 with the cake and to help me set up...It was 4:10 and SO and friend were still working on the damn grill!!!! AHHH! I worriedly looked over at his friend and did the whole "head jerk toward the door" movement to signal they needed to get the hell outta there. Finally, at 4:20 they finished and rolled out!

I then started running around like a mad woman trying to get the food set up and everything. Not 5 minutes after they left SO's mom showed up with the cake! She helped me get everyting set up, more people started showing up. YES! This was actually going to work!
I was a little bummed...Normally for social functions I like to get all dolled up and look my best...Nope. I was in sweats, had my hair in a messy bun, and had absolutely NO make up on. I looked like death. But I just didn't have time to get ready...SO says he likes me better without makeup anyway...Liar.

What happened next.....I still crack up thinking about it. It was just the best timing ever. We all saw SO pull up in front of the house...SO's dad decides at the last minute to make this surprise "extra" special....He walked over to the door and as SO started to open it, he put his foot there to stop him and says in a paniced tone "Hold on! I don't have my clothes on yet! Ashley, are you dressed yet?!" OH.MY.GOD. SO's friend who went to Walmart with him, said SO turned bright red and he could just see the fire in his eyes. SO THREW open the door in a rage and we all yelled "SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I wish I had gotten a damn picture of the look on his face. It was priceless. It was a combination of confusion, relief, and surprise.
After hugs and laughs were exchanged we all gathered out on the deck for the most amazing party ever! SO had such a good time. He was so surprised and very touched.
The cake was absolutely AMAZING! And yes I have pictures that I will post! So all in all this was a very successful party! I'm so happy it went off without a hitch!

The cake! Isn't it AMAZING?!

Side shot

We forgot birthday candles so our moms used their lighters! HA!

SO cutting the first piece!


  1. AWESOME! I am SO glad it went as well as it did! How did you hide everyone's cars?

  2. the cake turned out amazing!

  3. Samantha, we have a big factory across the street with a huge parking lot. About a month ago I called them and asked if a few people could park over there for a surprise party. They didn't have a problem with it!