Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Someone get me some Pliers


So I'm going to share a completely gross detail of my life. When I was growing up, after my Dad passed away and my Mom and I moved to Maryland, we didn't do so well for a long while. Mom couldn't find work except for little business and things like that. This meant no insurance.

I have lived here for 8 years....And have not had dental insurance at all. I have not seen a dentist in 8 years.

Don't get me wrong...I've always taken excellent care of my teeth. Brushed twice a day, probably could have flossed more but I did do it. Never even had a cavity in my whole life...Until now.

Now I have about 8 cavaties. Out of nowhere! And one of my back Molars is chipped. And it HURTS.

I finally have insurance now that I'm older and have a career, but I couldn't get my appointment until the end of this month! I have to live with this pain for a month?!?!

The pain is excruciating. It's starting with the chipped tooth and just radiating up my jawline and into my ear. The pain seems worse at night...Last night it was so bad I literally sobbed for a half hour.

I'm taking Aleeve right now. The bottle says not to take more than 3 pills in a 24 hours period.......Yeah...I'm taking an average of 6 a day to keep the pain away.

J has some Vicodin leftover from when he had surgery about 2 months ago. But I'm too afraid to take it cause I know it'll make me sick to my stomach. Plus, I have to drive too and from work everyday. I don't wanna be drugged up while I'm doing that.

I'm seriously ready to rip out my teeth. I always had such nice teeth. But my Dad had horrible teeth. He too always took good care of them, but he just had so many problems, and I fear I have picked that up from him.

My Dental insurance I have now is AMAZING and covers all oral surgery at 100% thank GOD! I know I'm going to need a couple of root canals. I dread the day this happens.



  1. Find a different dentist, Ashley ... I have the name of one that you can call ... I am so sorry you are going thru this. You should call back to that dentist as an emergency if you aren't calling another one, sweetie. Don't let this drag on, puleez!

    The pics are cute as can be of KG, & the big bafoon, too. Chuckle! Love y'all. Mini

  2. Call Bright Now Dentists on TJ drive - they saw me the very next day after I ran into a wall and busted my tooth. I had to get a root canal, and they scheduled it for the day after my original appointment. in 2 days I was seen and had the problem fixed.