Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy (belated) Mother's Day!!

Hope all the Moms and Moms-to-be had a wonderful blessed day!!

J and I had a busy day starting with Lunch with my Mom, Aunt, and Grandmother. Now, J had a pretty rocky begining with my Grandmother. The first time they met, My Grandmother was screaming at everyone that they were being too loud and that we weren't welcome and just all this really nasty stuff. Suffice it to say that J was a little bit terrified of having lunch with her.

But to our pleasent surprise, she came downstairs in a cheery mood and even APOLOGIZED for the way she had acted 6 months ago when she first met J. So they formally introduced themselves and we just had the nicest time. My mom and Aunt both ADORE J. My Aunt even said "J can I take you come with me?! PLEASE!" HA! Sorry Auntie Lisa...He's mine!

After a yummy lunch, we came home....J hopped on the computer (what else is new?) and I started my pot of sauce for the Chicken Parmigiana that I was making for dinner with Mini and Poppy (J's grandparents). The one thing I did learn from my Ex's Mother (if you can even call her that..I don't think she knows how to be a mother) is how to make a damn good pot of sauce!

The sauce has to simmer for 2-3 hours so I started cleaning like a mad woman. I've come to really enjoy cleaning...J said "Hey, I like this new house-wife Ashley!" I said "Yeah except I'm not a house-wife...Wanna make an honest woman out of me?!" Ha of course I was joking. Someday, someday.

J says I live in "Fairy-tale Land" but I guess I kind of do. I mean, My Mom and Dad had such a wonderful, blessed marriage. Although it was cut too short ( they were only married 11 years before he passed) everyday was like their wedding day. My dad treated both of us like we were the most treasured things on this earth. I just grew up thinking that's what all marriages are's what they all should be like. And I actually see a lot of my dad in J. Just certain things he does. For instance...Whenever my dad would bring home a pizza he would walk in the door and whistle this very particular whistle and say "Piiiiiiizzaaaa Maaaaan!". One day J came home with a pizza and whistled the EXACT whistle my dad used to do and said "Pizza's here!" I literally dropped the dish I was doing and froze. I had never even told J about this! He just did it! Not to mention, he has my Dad's eyes. My dad had the biggest, bluest eyes! And so does J. They make me swoon!

I know my dad would really like J. My dad was 21 years older than my mom. He was 57 when I was born. It makes me so sad...he used to tell my mom "I don't want to be walking my daughter down the aisle in a wheelchair." Truth is, I wish he was in a wheelchair, rather than not here at all.

Wow, this Mother's Day post turned into all about my Dad! But my Mom was/is so in love with him. I'm so glad they got to experience their love, even if only for a short while.

Mom and Dad's engagement picture...1989.

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  1. Ashley, my sweet one ~ We had a marvelous time & dinner was so delicious! Sorry Poppy got sick so suddenly. Your table was so lovely & the food ... um-um! yummy.

    Joshua is so like a copy of his Uncle Emery, uncanny resemblance in looks & mannerisms! Oy! They get it all from Poppy! Love our boy.

    One day, sweet one, your Dad's spirit will join you at your wedding to the love of your life ... he is so blessed to be with Jesus.

    With all our love & appreciation for such a wonderful day, precius card, beautiful flowers & dinner. You are the light of our life, Ashley.

    Hugs of love, Mini