Monday, May 24, 2010

Busy Bee

I am just now getting the time to post about this past weekend!

The wedding was BEAUTIFUL! But it did not go off without some drama!

First thing that happened was almost as soon as the bride got her hair done, the curls started to come out, even with the 30 lbs of hairspray. Her hair just cannot hold a curl. So she was beside herself. I Another bridesmaid and I fixed it though...thank God! And her hair looks gorgeous!

After we got our hair and makeup done, we went over to where the reception was being held just to finish up some last minute stuff. Jenna (the bride) had put out all the favors on the tables the night before. They were cute little seeds in a butterfly packaging. Well, someone, we don't know who, decided they REALLY wanted a whole lot of seeds and STOLE the favors off some of the tables! When Jenna discovered this...oh man....Lets just say I've never heard a bride sound like a sailor! But luckily we had some extras and replaced them. They were also reimbursed for the stolen ones.

Then as we started getting closer to the ceremony, Jennas fake eyelashes started falling off...and she had lost the glue. She started freaking out thinking she was going to look ridiculous in the pictures. Enter my knight in shining armor..J! He went 20 miles back into town to go to a CVS and buy some eyelash glue for Jenna! What other MALE guest at a wedding do you know that would do that??? It also started pouring rain after the ceremony and we were all trying to get some stuff out of the church and into the cars. J actually ran all the way down to the cabin where we got ready and helped load the car up! Again...He was a GUEST at this wedding. He went totally above and beyond for me, and the rest of the wedding party. Jenna, Dan, and their family were SO greatful. They kept telling me to NEVER let him go and we better be getting married soon!

The ceremony was beautiful! I got so nervous walking down the aisle, thinking I was going to trip, that I forgot to smile! I got to the end of the aisle and Jenna's mom was like "SMILE!!!!!!!!!" But I did major a couple of grins.

I kept looking over at J sitting in the pew during the ceremony. He looks so handsome, I just couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was in a blue dress shirt, black slacks, and a black and silver tie. He looked so good in that, I can't imagine what he'll look like in a tux whenever he and I get married! I'll probably faint while walking down the aisle!

The reception was a BLAST! The bride and groom got smashed, which was hysterical. Apparently, J is now the grooms new best friend, even though this was only their 2nd time meeting! Too funny! I'll have pictures soon!

Sunday was spent at my cousins house for a Confirmation party. So grown up! I love my cousins =) I truly believe along with some of my other family members, they are the only normal ones!

Today I started my first day of Housewife-dom! J left for work at his usualy 6:30 and I slept in till about 9. I got up and did the banking for both of us, went grocery shopping, got the Chili started, and am now taking a short break from the cleaning! So far so good!

I don't think J wants me to go back to work! He keeps saying how he makes more than enough money to cover all the bills, and how he likes me being home and being his little wife! As nice as that life sounds, I NEED to work. I love working, and any extra money will help!

Gotta get back to the cleaning and check on the chili...Smells delish!!!

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