Friday, May 14, 2010

Gross People.

Well yesterday was pretty eventful.

I decided to play hookie from work *bad Ashley!* I've never called out before though and I had been up all night with a horrible headache so I decided to take a little "Mental health day".

My mom and I went out to lunch. It's been a long time since I've gotten to spend some nice quiality time with her. It was nice!

I've been in the market for a new car. The car I'm driving now is my moms. She took my car because it's a piece of crap and falling apart. She only has to drive 5 mins to work. I have a half hour drive. So she gave me her newer car. But now that my car is really starting to fall apart, I really want her to have her car back. I can afford the monthly payments on a new car better than she could. So we went down to our local dealership and I saw it...MY car. The car that was meant for me. An 04' white and tan Kia Sorento!

I test drove it and it was like a dream. The price couldn't be beat! So I put a credit app in on it and am waiting to hear back! If the financing falls through, I still have an alternative way to pay, so either way it's all good!
Went home and cleaned some...Decided to take the dog out to potty.
I see this guy walking up towards me, I've talked to him a few times and he's pretty creepy. He always wants to play with the dog, and he's hit on me several times. I've made it abundantly clear to him I am NOT interested.
He was standing there talking to me for the longest time, and I was trying to get back in the house. I said the first thing I could think of...."Well, I better get going...gotta finish cleaning the house before my boyfriend gets home from work." As soon as I said it, I regretted it. Now he was going to know I was home alone. Of course he picks up on this and says " your man ain't home? Maybe we could have some fun together before he gets here" He goes to what I assume would have been brush the hair out of my face or carress my face or something, but I slapped his hand away and said "What do you think you're doing?! Don't touch me!" KG started barking like crazy (good boy! Get em!) And then the guy started freaking out saying "I's only messing" and other unintelligble things. Then he took off running. I WAS FREAKED.
I ran inside and texted J right away. Of course he was pissed. I mean, he was PISSED. He even made me go get his gun and keep it by the door (overreacting IMO, but I listened to him). He got home shortly afterword. He wants me to go to the police, but I don't know how I feel about doing that. I don't even know this guys name or where he lives. I just see him walking from time to time. And honestly, I think he might just be a kid. Like maybe 17 or 18. I can't really tell. He didn't try to rape me or anything. He just made a totally inappropriate pass at me...Granted he did try to touch me, but I just don't feel comfortable going to the police and making a huge deal out of it.
But now we have our own personal little make-shift Neighborhood Watch going on....J called up all his friend and told them what happend. I've been instrcuted to call any one of them the second I see this guy skulking around our yard and they will be over in 2 seconds, if J isn't home. I feel like I have my own little entourage of bodyguards...It's a little over-the-top but J won't have it any other way.
So that was my exciting day yesterday....Lesson in all this? Don't play hookie from work!


  1. Okie dokie ... something good came from the 'planned' day, right!? Cute car, Ashley ... dying to see it.

    Had a wonderful time with you both again, last night. You bring us such joys.

    Hugs of love, Mini

  2. I'm just reading all your posts from the past that I never saw before and had to laugh reading this one. I just kept imaging if you'd had to rely on someone else after going through this. Oh boy. :) Pretty sure you could take this scumbag down if you had to. ;)