Friday, March 30, 2012

Things n' Stuff

It figures on the ONE night I can actually get a full nights unbroken sleep, I am WIDE awake.

Mackenzie is staying with her Great-Grandparents tonight. (Thank you, Mini!)It has been a well needed, and MUCH appreciated break for me. They took her at about 9 am Friday morning and will have her until Saturday at some point.

I had ANOTHER kidney stone attack on Wednesday night. I had felt it coming on all day, but thought maybe it was just normal female issue cramping. Nope. Late Wednesday night that familiar AGONIZING pain hit me like a truck. And for the cherry on top, I had used up all my pain meds. Oh hell. There was no way I was dragging myself to the ER. At this point, I've had so many stones that the pain is actually fairly tolerable. I was able to fall asleep and make it through all of Thursday and finally passed the thing. I hate my body.

Kenzie's 6 month check up went well! She is 15 lbs 3 oz. and 24 3/4 inches. They were concerned about her height because at 4 months she was 24 inches exactly. But I told them there must have been an error last time because she has DEFINITELY grown a lot. At 4 months, her feet could not touch the floor in her walker. Now she is a walking fool all over the house! And she has grown out all of her 0-3 month clothes, lengthwise. Still, she goes back on April 24th just to recheck and make sure everything is okay. Developmentally she is "beautiful" as her Dr. put it.

I sold my car tonight!! YIPPPEEE!!!! I was sad to see it go. Lots of memories in that car. We drove to Philadelphia in it (Where Kenzie was conceived) and brought her home from the hospital in it. But I swear it was cursed. Some of you may remember when I bought it. If you don't, read here. Basically I got laid off the day I bought it. And it was all downhill from there. Nothing but problems with the car since I drove it off the lot. The dealership (which is now out of business...What does that tell ya?) saw an opportunity to take advantage of a young girl. And I fell for it. *smacks forehead.* The car had A LOT of issues, so I had to let it got for WELL below KBB value. I still got a decent amount for it though, so I can't complain! Maybe now that the car is gone, my luck will start to turn around in the employment department! It doesn't matter to me either way. I am still looking for work, but I am not stressing over it anymore. J just got a BIG raise and he prefers me to be at home with Mackenzie. And I am really starting to enjoy this whole homemaker thing.

We took Kenzie to see the Easter bunny! The little turd wouldn't smile! But we got kind of a half smile. I'll post that for ya'll to see, as well as one of my FAVORITE pictures of her.

I love this picture! She looks so bashful in it!

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