Thursday, March 3, 2011

Buddah Belly

I seriously look like I'm 6 months pregnant. I don't know wheather to love it, or hate it! I'm only 10 weeks!

I've always heard bigger girls take a longer time to show, but I don't know how much I believe this anymore. I really think we show faster. I mean, we already have a bit of a belly, it probably just starts rounding out and hardening a little faster!

Strangers are starting to ask me when I'm due and I sometimes feel inclined to lie a little and say June or something sooner since I obviously look further along then I am. But it's not like I can help how fast my belly grows!!!

I'm starting to wonder if there is a hidden twin in there!! I mean, I'm showing rather quickly, my HCG levels were extremely high for how far along I was...Hmmm...Maybe the sonogram just couldn't pick up on the other baby since it was such a crappy machine. OH LORD. J would pass out. I would pass out. My mom would be thrilled. She is CONVINCED it's twins. Who knows!!!

All I know is that I am 10 weeks pregnant, I look pregnant, I definitely feel pregnant, and It's all starting to feel very real now.

Oh lord, here come the tears.....

I'm finally a mom.

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