Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nuchal Translucency Scan!

Today could not have gone more perfectly!

Everything looked awesome. No markers for Downs Syndrome, or Trisomy 18. Will get my bloodwork back in about a week but the Dr. said she would see no reason for it to come back abnormal.

Baby was SO active today. At first, he/she was asleep, and it scared me. But then the tech got the heartbeat and I got to hear it for the first time. Strong, and loud and 157 bpm! After a few pokes and prods, and me laughing, baby woke up and would NOT sit still for anything!!

It took the tech about 45 minutes to finally get the measurement she needed for the neck. But I didn't mind. It meant I got to look at my child longer! Baby also kept "hiccuping" too cute!

The only slight abnormality they found was that I have Placental Lakes. Basically it just means my placenta has a few pockets of blood in it. It's nothing to worry about and the Dr said it usually clears up by 22 weeks. They want to keep an eye on it though because it could mean not enough blood is getting to the baby, and could hinder growth. Very unlikely though as they check my blood flow and it was perfect, and baby was measuring right on target!

The tech really didn't want to take a sneak peak between the legs. But as she was taking measurements, baby was positioned just right and I caught a glimpse....It looks like were having a.......Not gonna tell! HAHA!

We got some awesome pictures, which I will post soon. Next appointment is April 11th...J's birthday!! And we go for our BIG anatomy scan on May 11th...Seems so far away...Maybe I will look into a private scan for an early gender scan!!

And here they are! We made one beautiful baby!

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