Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April 21st!

The day we will find out FOR SURE, if we are having a little Mackenzie Paige, or a little Landon Forrest!

My OB doesn't know me very well. He was going to make me wait until May 11th to find out the gender! BAH! Are you kidding? By the time I was 14, I was already picking out the car I was going to drive when I got my license. He really thought I could wait 2 whole months to find out??

So I took it upon myself to research some private ultrasound companies who do early gender scans! Unfortunately, there aren't any places really close by. So we will have to travel about an hour away, but it will be well worth it! We'll get a 15 minutes session, 4 photos, gender determination, and a DVD of it all to take home! That will be so nice to have. 10 years from now I can show my son or daughter what they looked like when they were inside of me! And the greatest part of all of this is that if for some reason, baby is uncooperative, we get to come back at no extra cost! The appointment is set for April 21st, and I'll be 16 weeks and 6 days!

It will be so nice knowing for sure what we are having. Then the fun can really start!

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  1. I haven't been online so I haven't visited in a while... Good luck to you and Daddy! Having a child is the greatest joy of life. Congratulations!