Sunday, February 27, 2011

I has a belly.

So weird. I honestly didn't think I would be showing this soon. I can't decide yet if this is a good or bad thing! I thought being already overweight, I wouldn't show and actually look pregnant until I was at least 16-20 weeks. Oh but how wrong I was. I am not even 10 weeks yet and already my belly is hard and protruding. J keeps rubbing it and saying "how's my little man doing in there?" Yes we are convinced it is a boy! However, if it turns out to be a girl, we will be just as thrilled!

Not much else to report. Things have been pretty uneventful since that last scare. My symtpoms have calmed down a lot. I still have waves of nausea here and there, but nothing like I was getting. I do however, have a constant dry mouth and throat, which makes me super gaggy. I always have to be chewing on gum or have a sucking candy in my mouth or else it is gagville for me. It's especially unpleasent when I wake up in the middle of the night gagging and have to scramble for a mint or something.

I finally broke down and got a body pillow to help me sleep. Oh my lord it has helped so much!!! Although some nights not even the body pillow helps with how uncomfortable I am. But that just comes with the territory I guess!

Wish I had more news for ya'll! But no news is good news right?? Next appointment is on March 14th and I'll be a little over 11 weeks!! Woot! That will mean one more week until my chance of miscarriage goes down to less than 1%!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!

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