Friday, February 11, 2011

Lots to update on!

What a week this has been! I've hardly even had the energy to log on, let alone update this thing.

Last Saturday was scary. J failed to remember that he had class on Saturday morning at 9 am. He thought he didn't go in until 5. God really does work in mysterious ways, because it's a good thing he didn't go to class. I ended up waking up to some bleeding and bad cramping. Of course, we both freaked and rushed off to the ER.

After being stuck with an IV by an incompetent nurse who couldn't seem to find my very clearly there veins, and having 10 vials of blood drawn (I actually donated 2 vials to the blood bank) J and I sat there waiting and praying. Finally, and ultrasound tech came in to do an internal.

Now, because it was an emergency ultrasound, I wasn't allowed to see anything or be told anything. I HATE this rule. I think it's stupid. If you see it for yourself, or if the DR. tells you some bad news, it's heartbreaking either way. Why make the patient suffer if there is nothing but good news to report?!

However, the Tech we had was WONDERFUL. J was sitting in a spot where he could see everything on the screen. I'm sure the tech knew that, but I don't think she cared. She also had the machine positioned where I could sort of see out of the corner of my eye. As she was doing the ultrasound, I looked over at J with tearful big eyes and gave him a look like "is there anything there??? Is there a sac?!" He looked at me with this big smile and nodded. I instantly felt relieved. At least there was a sac. I had mentioned to the tech that I was terrified of an ectopic pregnancy. So she said "Well, I can tell you this much....It's definitely in the uterus! No worries about an ectopic!" Sigh of relief number 2.

After that was finished and the tech left, I asked J if he saw the baby. He said he couldn't really see anything but the sac. Except at one point he said he saw a quick little blob flash on the screen toward the side of the sac. This had me worried a little bit...Like it could be a blighted ovum, which is something I have suffered before.

Finally, after about another hour, the Dr. came back in. I was terrified. He said my beta levels came back at 21,000!!! That was excellent!!! It was up from 1500 exactly 1 week prior. He also said the radiology report came back saying the ultrasound showed a 5 and a half week intrauterine pregnancy. It was bittersweet news. I thought I was 6 weeks and 1 day. It's not a huge difference though, so I wasn't worried too much. I also got to thinking, they MUST have seen a baby then. If there was no sign of an embryo or yolk sac or anything, the report would have mentioned something about that. I asked the Dr. a couple of questions, which he really couldn't answer because he only knew what the report told him. Stupid me didn't even think to ask to speak to the radiologist who read the ultrasound. That probably would have quelled a lot of fears. Hindsight is 20/20. He diagnosed this as a "threatened miscarriage" which really just means "You're bleeding, so we have to warn you". But he didn't think I really was in any danger based on my betas. He put me on bed and pelvic rest for a week.

Ever since then I have continued to have brown spotting, but no cramping aside from little twinges here and there. My OB said not to worry about any brown spotting, it was just old blood from my cervix probably being irritated somehow.

Morning sickness has not been kind to me. After barely eating or being able to keep anything down, I finally had my OB call in a script for Zofran. What a freaking God send that stuff is! And it doesn't make me drowsy unlike the Phenergan! My appetite has since returned since taking the zofran!

I have my next appointment on the 18th!! I am SO psyched for this!! I'll finally get my dating ultrasound to find out exactly how far along I am. If I go by what the hospital told me, I should be 7 weeks and 2 or 3 days. So we should definitely be able to see/hear a heartbeat!! I'm terrified at the same time. So terrified of being told the baby is still only measuring at 5 and a half weeks and that the pregnancy isn't progressing. Friday will tell the tale!

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  1. Congrats on the pregnancy, I have PCOS as well, so I can understand it can be a struggle. Sorry for the scare, but glad everything is ok :) Hope everything goes well for you on Friday.