Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Little Valentine!

What I thought was sure to be a disastrous Valentines day, turned out to be one of the best days of my life.

Around 3:30 that morning, I woke up to pee as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary there. However, when I wiped, I checked the tp, as I always do....And there was a tiny, tiny blood clot. AH. I instantly burst into tears and ran into the bedroom to wake up J. Poor guy was so tired, I don't even think he remembers me doing that.

I didn't sleep the rest of the night, and watched the clock waiting for 8:30 to roll around to call my OB. There was no use in going to the ER and waiting around for hours...If I was having a miscarriage, there would be nothing they could do. I periodically went to the bathroom to keep checking for blood, and sure enough, I was having TONS of EWCM (egg white cervical mucus for you non TTC types) that was tinged pink. I was sure this was the beginning of the end. I was beside myself.

Finally 8:30 came as I phoned the OB. They told me to come in right away and they would squeeze me in between appointments. J and I hopped in the truck and off we went. We held hands the whole way, and I just closed my eyes and prayed.

Long story short...We got there and didn't have to wait very long before they took me back. They did a urine test and said it did pick up some blood in my urine. That freaked me out. Finally the Dr. came in and started his exam.

The first thing he said was that my uterus felt "nice and big like it should be for a growing uterus". Then he did the sonogram.

The machines they have in my OB office are really outdated, so the quality isn't real great. At first, all I could see was the Sac. I could see no sign of a baby. Instantly my mind went to Blighted Ovum. I was sure that is what he was going to say. But after fishing around in there for a few minutes he said "And right here is the heartbeat!" I was like HUH!?! Heartbeat?? I don't even see a baby!! But sure enough...He zoomed in a little and there it was....A tiny little blob with a fast little flicker right in the middle. He said the heartbeat was between 160-170 BPM and I was measuring at 7 weeks and 3 days!! I was in awe. I couldn't believe I was watching my child's heart beat inside of me. It all became real at that point.

Basically the reason for the bleeding was sometimes the cervix can get irritated and the blood can build up overnight and come out in a clot. Nothing to worry about. He did put me on Prometrium supplements though...Just in case. It never hurts to have a little extra help from the hormones! He also said that having so much EWCM is good! It was my mucus plug building up and sometimes, chunks of it can come off, but at this point, it regenerates itself.

So for now I am limited in what I can do. No exercise period. No walking up and down a lot of stairs, no lifting over 10 lbs, and Pelvic rest for 2-3 weeks. But hey, I will take it!!! Definitely worth getting to see my child.

J couldn't have been more proud. He just thought it was the coolest thing to see that heartbeat. It really was. I keep replaying it over and over again in my mind. I wish we had recorded it or something!

Next appointment is March 14th, provided I have no more problems! Hopefully next time, I can get some better pictures on a better machine...But for now....Introducing our little Valentine!!!!

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  1. AWW such a sweet gift to receive on love day. Congrats on the pregnancy and hope things are smooth on the ride through pregnacy from here on out. Im a new follower. I also have a blog.

  2. Gah!!! I'm SO excited for you. I feel like it's kinda my baby too! LOL It just gives me hope for us. :) Love you girly. Can't wait to see you holding your precious gift.

  3. Really, congratulations on the pregnancy. Its really a precious gift.