Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day One- Favorite Song

So I got this from one of my friends blogs. I guess this is just supposed to be a little fun month long activity to get to know me better (as if I don't spill my heart out on here all the time anyway)

So day one is my favorite song. This is hard. I love music. I love mainly broadway and showtunes. But right now I would have to say my favorite song that I listen to over and over again is.....

It makes me cry every time. It is just so powerful and the melody is so beautiful and melancholy. And the message is beautiful, and honestly how I feel about J.

"Then you look at me, and I always see, what I have been searching for. I'm lost as can be, then you look at me, and I am not lost anymore."

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  1. Hi Ashley, I'm just stopping by to wish you and very Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2011.