Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It's been a while since I updated. Time has been scarce lately. Lots of stuff going on in the Ashley and J household! Some good, some could be better, but overall life has been pretty kind to us.

J and I have been having some issues lately. It's nothing major and nothing that couldn't be worked out (obviously, if were still together). Mainly it all just boiled down to him learning to not get so upset over the little things that in the end, don't really matter, and for me, learning how to be less insecure about myself and our relationship. There was a lot arguing in the beginning, but then arguing turned into just talking, and talking got things resolved! Our relationship is better than ever now. I think we appreciate each other more now that we have gotten everything off our chests.

Work has been crazy busy, and I am still loving it. It's nice knowing that I have a full days work and I am not just sitting around twiddling my thumbs all day long. I feel like I am actually worth what I am being paid, and I am working hard to earn it. There are a few days here and there where the phone just will not ring, and I find myself a little bored. But then, there is always something else to be done!

I have been sick the past 3 days. harumph. J had/has a nasty cold, that I thought I was going to escape. Sadly no. While having dinner at his mother's house on Sunday night I started to get that out of breath feeling in my chest. My throat was scratchy, my head felt like it weight 500 lbs...Ick. On top of that, I was experience excruciating tooth pain. I somehow managed to drag myself into work Monday morning, only to be told my boss to "get out of here because if you get me sick, you're fired!" Obviously he was joking...I think! He also said not to bother coming in on Tuesday either. So I got a little 4 day weekend in! Unfortunately it was spent sick.

Today I had a dentist appointment to figure out exactly what it is I am going to do about my teeth. didn't go so well. Basically, I have awful teeth, inherited from my father and mother. My father had dentures by the time he was in his early 30's. My mother has tons of false teeth in her mouth. The outlook was never good for me. However, I did contribute to it as well, which I had no idea I was even doing. Whenever I get an upset stomach (which is often...I have no idea why. Usually every night I start feeling nauseous.) my mouth get super dry, and it always make me want to gag. One night, I was searching my house frantically for a mint or something and I found a honey lemon cough drop. I popped that sucker in and not only did is create some wetness in my mouth, the lemon settled my stomach. That was about 4 years ago. So from that day on, anytime I felt sick, I sucked on a cough drop. There would even be nights I would fall asleep with them in my mouth.

Well, little did I know, that all the sugar in those cough drops would partially cause my teeth problems today.

I'm not going to go all into the problems because they are personal and a lot of my problems has to do with me not getting the proper dental care I needed when I was a child. But I'm not calling anyone out. My next step is to go see an oral surgeon and taking it from there. I also have to cut sugar out of my diet. I mean, a little here and there is fine. But absolutely NO soda (which I have recently cut out anyway) Not a lot of fruit, or candy and cake obviously. Which sucks because I am a total sweets person! And NO MORE COUGH DROPS! To be honest, I'm freaking out about that a little. Just because I hate feeling nauseous, and they really did help settle my stomach. And it's not like mints don't have a lot of sugar either so they're out too. Ahhhh well...Maybe I can go to some freaky deaky health nut green store and find sugarless mints or something.

Alright, it's 3 am...J is snoring so loudly in the bedroom I can hear him from the office. at 10 tonight I was in a nice Vicodin induced sleep, but when J came in he woke me up just so we could snuggle for a little, and I havent been able to fall back asleep. Now with his snoring, I see no hope. Crap...He couldn't have done this yesterday when I didn't have work in the morning? Ahhh but he's too sweet to stay mad at. Good night (morning) all!

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