Sunday, August 8, 2010

Babies, Kittens, and Automobiles!

My day as a mommy is over, I'm so sad! But it was such an amazing time, I'm so glad I got to experience it!
Though, of course, I would get little Edan on one of her "bad" nights as her mom called it. She was SUPER gassy after her first bottle, and it lasted for pretty much the whole day. She was SCREAMING, and I mean, screaming. Like, lip quivering and turning bright red. At first, I thought I was doing something wrong. I was freaking out thinking I was a bad mother. But then she stopped crying, smiled, farted, and started crying again. At that moment I knew it was painful gas. So I did all I could to comfort her. I didn't want to give her any of those gas medicines they make because I dont know how she would react to it, and I couldnt get a hold of her parents. Poor thing, I felt so bad. But I changed diapers and fed bottles like a pro! It felt so real, like she was my daughter. I actually at one point heard her crying in her pack n' play and said "Hold on Edan, Mommy's coming!......Oh...wait..." Josh said it just looked right. Like I was made to be holding babies. You know how women always say that don't want to be "barefoot, pregnant, with a baby on their hip and cooking in the kitchen"? Yeah, well, that sounds like my dream life! I can only hope I get to the point in my life where I'm able to juggle all those things ate once!
J's grandparents came over and played with her for a bit...It was a huge help because Mini, J's Grandmother (Marydon over @ ) gave me some awesome tips on how to relieve some of her gas, and it worked! She still had bad moments here and there, but overall she was a lot more comfortable. My mom came over too and held her, that was so sweet to see. My mom wants to be a "Nana" SO badly, it's not even funny.
Despite these moments of preciousness, the whole sleep deprivation thing was a PITA! Edan slept from about 11 pm till 2 am and then woke up screaming. She finallly drifted back off at 4:30 and woke me up again a little after 7 am. OY! Well, after she woke me up then, I stayed up, but she fell back asleep on my chest. Another bottle and diaper change later, it was time to get her back to her parents. It was sad leaving her....I felt like she should be coming back home with me! When I got home, I took a nap. I fell asleep with my laptop on my chest, and when I woke up I thought it was Edan. Still half asleep, I started to craddle it and support the laptops "head"! When I finally got the goo out of my eyes, I realized it was not a baby! I was still in mommy mode!!!!

I slept like a baby last night though! I was so tired....I never understood that saying..."Slept like a baby.." Cause, babies dont sleep all that great!
Me holding Edan, she was half asleep after a bottle!
Mini holding her, she was in heaven!

J holding her trying to comfort her, He didnt want his picture taken though!

My mom holding and feeding her!

Speaking of babies.....J and I have twin boys now!! Sweet little 8 week old twin kittens!!! Oh my lord we are in love! My friend is having a baby in September, and she just couldnt give the love and attention to these kittens that they deserve. She loved them so much and took really good care of them, she just has to put baby first. She she made a facebook post one night that she needed a good home for them. I saw this on a night that J and I were pretty emotionally fragile about a tragic even that occurred earlier in the day. So I saw this and slunk upstairs to J's office...

Me: Hiiiiiii babbbbby *smiley's shyly*

J: Hi....What do you want, and how much is it going to cost me? (he knows me so well)

Me: Have I told you lately how much I love and ADORE you? You're so good to me, and I know you would never deny me anything that I love...right?? *bats eyes*


Me: I'm glad you asked! Free! *deep breathe* Myfriendsgivingawayherlittlekittenscauseofthebabyandtheyneedagoodhomeandithinkitwouldbereallygoodforusespeciallyrightnowandtheyaresofreakingcuteyouhavenoideaandyousaidyouvebeenwantingakittenreallybadsoyoujusthavetosayyesssssssssss!

J:Yeah, sure!

Me:Really? No fight? Just like that! *starts happy dance*

J: But YOU have to clean the litter box. I'm not dealing with any cat sh!t.

So today we picked up Rocky and Rambo! And they are adjusting happily!

This is Rambo...He's a fiesty little fighter!

And this is Rocky....He's a tough little guy but such a lovey cuddler!

Brotherly love! This belongs on a greeting card!

Aren't they adorable???! I tell ya what's not adorable. My car that I was SOOOOO excited about. It's a POS and I could KILL that sleezy dealership that sold me this lemon!!!!

First of all...the air conditioning does not work. It could just be because it needs some freeon in it. And the e-break is broken and doesn't work. Now, I had a 60 day warranty on it that if I found anything wrong, I could take it in and as long as it was part of state inspection, they would fix it at no charge to me. the air conditioning didn't fall into this category, but the e-break did. But like a dummy, I never took it in. So my warranty is up. It's not a HUGE deal though. Summer is almost over anyway, and the e-break really isnt neccessary. But now, there is a HUGE problem that has arise. The back-up fan in the care will not shut off after I turn off the car. And it drains the battery and makes my car not start, so J pretty much has to jump start me anytime I want to go somewhere. J seems to think it's a problem the computer, but who knows. Today I went to CVS and the fan stayed on and drained my battery. Thank God J was home and just a few minutes away and came and jump started me. I am so ANGRY. I went to this dealership on my own and bought this car. I should have taken J with me like a smart person. The dealership saw a young girl, and jumped on the opportunity to take advantage of me. What sleeze balls. No wonder the car was such a reasonable price! Everything's busted! This fan thing is a huge problem, especially since I'm looking for a job. I can't be like "Oh yeah, sometimes I might be late to work or not come in because my car will die if I shut it off." I should have bought American.

So tomorrow I'm marching into that place and raising hell.....I may be a southern belle now, but piss me off, and you'll meet Ashley from South Philly REAL quick. Us philly girls don't mess around.

Alright, I'm done. Gosh I had a lot to say today. Kudos to you if you made it through this!


  1. I am not going to say 'I told you ....' Go gettum girlie!

    Love the pics of all we 'mommies' spoiling Edan rotten! I will NEVER get rid of that 'baby fever', EVER! I am sure Poppy is glad that part of life is over for us.

    Love you, sweetie.

  2. Sweet, sweet baby-such a precious gift. Time passes so quickly -enjoy each moment!