Friday, July 30, 2010

Family History

So, my Mother's side of the family has a few ancestors who are pretty well known. One of them is Captain Henry Bingham who fought for the north in the Civil War. (My family may be Yankees, but I'm a southern Belle at heart!).

There is a monument in the Gettysburg Battlefield that was dedicated to my family in August of 1993 by the Masons of Pennsylvania. It's called "Friend to Friend". It's a statue of my ancestor, Captain Bingham, holding General Armistead and retrieving some of his person effects to give to his commander. Apparently, this monument is a BFD. I didn't know that until today when Josh and I went to see the monument. This is how the conversation went while walking to the statue:
Me: Yeah so apparently my ancestor is holding this other soldier while he's dying and being all nice to him even though they fought on different sides.
J: Oh, that sounds cool...Oh, here's the monument..."
*Walks around, looks at, takes some pictures. Walks over to the side where the discription plaque is and begins reading*
2 minutes later....

J: Ash....Ashley!! Do you realize how COOL this is????? This isn't just another SOLDIER he's holding...It's a freaking General!!!! It's General Armistead! And look, it says here that your ancestor went on the being a General and also serves in the House of Reps. for 32 years!!! That is SO AWESOME!"

Me: Oh....I didn't know that...So, thats like...A big deal?

J: YES! It's a big deal!

*other people walk up to monument*

J: Hey! Did you know this is MY girlfriends family's monument?!? Yeah, she's totally related to Captain Bingham!

I'm telling you, J was like a kid on Christmas morning. He's such a history buff, he loves it. So this was just so awesome for him. And honestly, it meant so much to me, and made me feel so proud that he was so excited about my family history.

Now J wants me to look more into it and see what else I can dig up on my family history.

After the monument, we walked around town and into the little shoppes. We got one of those Old Time photos done, it came out good! I look fat, as usual. It was a bad angle. All 10 of my chins are there in all their glory. But J looks amazing, of course.

It was pretty much an amazing day.
On the medical front, Metformin is a total suckfest.

I started it up again last week and the side effects are killing me. Oh, plus, I'm now 9 day late for my monthly friend...And NO I'm not pregnant. I really really PRAY I'm not starting another one of those 3 months with no period cycles. That was terrible. Right now, It's like I want to get my period, but it just wont come. I'm bitchy, and breaking out, and bloated. But no sign of the witch!

So now it's just a waiting game.

Plus side...1 more week until I get little Edan overnight! Today I went out and bought some little Onsies for her....I've pretty much decided I'm adopting her as my own..Well, not really. But I still want to spoil the heck out of her!
And now, for some pics from today!

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  1. Great write & photos sweetie. Poppy taught Joshua well on history ... they so enjoy it & have had some beautiful times together on battlefields, etc.

    Poppy has some more paperwork on this statue for you ...

    Love you! Mini