Thursday, August 12, 2010

A blog with actual meaning

Normally I just write about pretty mundane stuff. Things that just don't really mean anything to anyone. Just the goings on in my and J's life. But today I have something with actual meaning to say.

Politics. It brings out the absolute WORST in people when they don't agree. And I completley understand that, because I myself, feel very strongly about politics. I like politics. I am proud to say that I am Republican...Not Conservative..Republican. A lot of my views are actual pretty Liberal, like gay marriage. But I am a PROUD Republican.

Now, I was lucky enough to find someone like J who shares the same views as I do. In fact, one of the first things I asked J that night he came to my house was "Wait....Did you vote for Obama?" His response was HELL NO. And so I told him he could stay and was welcomed anytime.

Funny story actually.....Back around election time, I had read in the paper that ALL of the Obama signs in town were being stolen from people's yards, and they were trying to find the people who did it. This was like a huge story in our little one horse town. They talked about it on the radio, local news, papers, everything. They never did find out. But I know who it waaaaaaaaaas! J and his friends! So again, fate plays a part in my and J's relationship....I KNEW about him before I even knew him. But I digress.

I was reading an article yesterday about Bill O'reilly. I used to love him and his show. But he's just gotten so darn liberal that I just don't agree with anything he says anymore. This article was about how he is slamming Jennifer Anniston because she was promoting her new movie "The Switch" and encouraging single motherhood. Saying how there's nothing wrong with being a single mom and how women should not give up on having children just because they don't have a man in their life. Bill however, thinks this is "destructive to society." Really, Bill? He believes that my Jennifer Anniston making this comment, teenagers are going to want to go out and get pregnant and have the father absent. REALLY?! This honestly, hit home with me, and got my goat. So I sent him an email. He will probably never read it, but I've said my peace and I feel good about it. And here's the email.

Mr. Oreilly,

I was shocked today when I read an article about how you were arguing Jennifer Anniston's comments about single motherhood. I see nothing wrong with what she said. In today's society we have television shows like "Teen Mom' and "16 and Pregnant" that seem to glorify teenage pregnancy, a lot of times, without a father figure present. But are these shows really glorifying it? Teenagers have been having sex and getting pregnant long before these shows came around. And sure, the number of teenage pregnancies have continued to climb as the years go by, but are television and movies really to blame? Gas prices rise, music changes, styles change. Science and Technology evolve over the years. Things change. They always have, they always will. And sometimes, they don't change for the better.

I truly don't believe 1 actresses comment is going to make a teenager say "Hey! I think I'll go have a baby today!" Actually, I find her comment empowering. I believe that EVERYONE should have the opportunity to become a parent. Everyone. Sometimes, you just don't find that Mr./Mrs. Right. Does that mean you are not entitled to enjoy and experience the wonders of parenthood? We would all love to have that fairy tale ending. But it just doesn't happen for some. Some women only have a certain amount of time to work with. Fertility issues play a part too. And I think it's extremley inconsiderate and close-minded to put someone down for encouraging others to not give up their dream of becoming a parent, especially when you know not of any extenuating circumstances.

Maybe you should take this into consideration before you start judging.

Am I wrong here? Shouldn't everyone have the opportunity to be a parent if that is what they want?

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  1. I am so proud of women who decide to take on motherhood alone and can't believe anyone would bash them!

    I totally agree with you about being a Republican but having liberal beliefs- that's me!