Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What a Difference a Year Makes.

Why hello there, readers! If there are any of you left, that is. It has been far too long since I ventured onto Blogger. So long, in fact, that I had to read my last entry to even remember where I had left off!

This time last year, my life was slowly coming back together after a few months of complete chaos. If you had asked me last year where I thought I would be today, I wouldn't think it would be where I am. Wait...What? That makes sense, right?

J and I were married on September 6, 2014! FINALLY! We did it! It was an absolutely beautiful day and I would not have changed a thing. It poured rain mere minutes before the ceremony was about to begin (everything was set to be outdoors). The tent has collapsed, the tablecloths and centerpieces had blown away. My hair was drenched and my curls fell out. And thanks to a communication error between my Matron of Honor and the Groom, J and I bumped into each other before the ceremony, while scrambling to fix everything that had been torn up during the storm. I was near tears. My brother, who last year just one day before the day and I J were supposed to be married got into a near fatal car accident and had to re-learn how to walk, arrived ready to walk me down the aisle and the clouds broke, and the sun came beaming through. I know it was our Dad smiling down on us, shining a little light on this day. Everything went perfectly from there on out. J and I exchanged some vows we had written to one another, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Everyone laughed, and cried right along with us. After the ceremony, and some good eating, we had a bonfire, and got dirty playing in the mud pit. It was a BLAST! Looking back, I am so glad we got married this way, instead of a stuffy traditional wedding. Our wedding was so personalized, carefree, and FUN.

For our honeymoon, we spent several days at the cutest B&B near Delaware. Our room was AMAZING. I didn't want to leave. If I could have, I would have taken that bed home with me. I haven never slept as well as I did those nights. We had our own private balcony where after soaking in the giant whirlpool tub, we slipped into our robes and sat, drinking our champagne/tea, listening to the creatures in the woods behind us. It was bliss. We have decided to go back every year on our anniversary!

People always ask "does it feel different being married?" Yes. It does. The entire dynamic of our relationship has changed. I couldn't tell you why, but it has. If we have a disagreement, instead of screaming and blaming and doing all sorts of childish thing, we talk calmly and rationally. We have learned how to "let it go". We no longer hold grudges. I attribute this to the counseling we did when we decided to get back together last year. We have truly become a team.

Mackenzie is now 3! Oh goodness, am I glad 2 is over. It's almost like as soon as she turned 3, she turned into a totally new kid. She got taller overnight, her vocabulary tripled, and her personality shines even more brightly now. I love being able to sit there and just have a full fledged conversation with her. She makes us laugh so hard, we have tears streaming down our face. One night, all she was doing was making goofy faces and laughing, and J and I could NOT stop laughing. We could not even breathe!

She is in gymnastics, a pre-preschool program, and also goes to the library once a week. She lives for these classes. She is just such a social butterfly, and she definitely likes to make her presence known! She has her first best friend....Little Kinna! Kinna's mom's  husband works for my MIL, and that is how we all got introduced. These little girls are joined at the hip and love each other so much. Watching them together is so sweet. Kenzie + Kinna = BFF's forever! <3 p="">
Mackenzie has been asking for a baby brother. Although sometimes she changes her mind and asks for a sister. It's something we definitely want to give her one day in the near future. Not very near...But semi-near. We have talked about it a lot but hope to be a little more settled in before we seriously discuss it.

At the end of October, I landed my DREAM job. I have been trying to get a job within this particular organization for the last 4 years. I'm still getting used to it, and I HATE being the new person. But I really love it and once I settle into my own routine, I know I will be much more comfortable.

J is still with his company and kicking ass! I am so proud of him. He works so freaking hard every day. I am positive a promotion is in the works. He is also up for an award that they give to one person in each branch at their annual banquet in February. I know he has to get it. I've never seen someone work so hard before. He loves what he does, and it shows!

So here we are! Just your typical husband, wife, and daughter living our lives. I absolutely cannot wait to see what the new year has in store for us! I might even start updating this thing regularly again. Here are some pictures that capture the last several months, sorry they are out of order!

Trail walk on our honeymoon

Me and Matron of Honor before wedding

Kenzie and Kinna!

Mackenzie seeing Santa

First kiss as husband and wife!

Dinner smooch on our honeymoon

Our sweet flower girl.

Husband and Wife

The rings

Daddy's girl.

brother and sister.

Hitting the bottle when it was pouring rain before the wedding!

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