Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Well I somehow managed to screw up my blog layout. AHHH! I am so PO'd cause I finally had it looking really pretty!!! Ah well.

Mackenzie will be 5 months old on Friday! WOAH! Time needs to slow down! We are having a rough time right now. She is teething and hasn't been eating or sleeping very well. She's very fussy and just wants Mommy to hold and cuddle her. That's fine with me, but it hasn't been easy to get stuff done around the house!

I am excited to say we are getting ready to add a new addition to the family!!! No, not another baby. A puppy for Mackenzie. I know she is young, but I want her to grow up with a family dog. I didn't get my first puppy until I was 16 years old. And that is because my dad was sick and my family just couldn't deal with the responsibility. I don't want that for Mackenzie. Every kid needs to grow up with a dog! A "friend" they can just cuddle up with when they've had a bad day. Besides, now that J and I have decided that I am going to be a full time stay at home mom, it will be nice to have the extra "protection" when he goes back to work in the Spring.

J and I have had dogs before. But it's never seemed to work out. When I first met him, I had 2 Pomeranians. But we were both working CONSTANTLY and I just wasn't giving them the attention they deserved. So they want to live with a nice family with other Poms! Our next dog was KG, our beloved Rottie/Shepard mix. He was such a sweetheart, and a good dog for the most part. But again, we both started working like crazy, and he was SO high energy. We would often come home to a trashed house because he just wasn't getting the exercise he needed. So he went to go live with a nice family on a big farm with lots of room to run. And then, there was Gemmie...My sweet little Pom puppy who I loved! One day, I took her to my Mom's with me and let her out in the backyard to run around while I visited. Little did I know, the side gate had been left open. And off she went, without me even knowing it. We searched for her for weeks. Put up signs, called the Police Department and the local shelters. Someone obviously snatched her up. Who wouldn't snatch up an adorable 5 month of furball?? I can only hope it was someone decent and kind.

But now that things have settled down with Mackenzie, our life is in order, and I am going to be at home all day, we feel this is the best time to introduce a puppy to our family. The weather is starting to get nice, I'll be home...It's perfect! We definitely want to adopt, which makes it difficult. They rarely have puppies up for adoption. But we feel strongly about getting a puppy, and training them from a young age. Just makes it easier for everyone involved. Were not looking to bring home a dog tomorrow, but we have started the searching process. I'll be sure to keep updating!

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