Thursday, February 2, 2012

I know, I'm terrible!

I know I always say this, but I can't believe I haven't updated since Christmas!!

Mackenzie is a little over 4 months now. Where is the time going?!? She has her 4 month check up next week, so I PROMISE I will post her stats then.

But I will go over milestones:

-Full on belly laughing now!

-Rolling over from tummy to back, and *almost* from back to tummy

-Sleeping on average 6-8 hours at night

- Eating solids!!! She loves her veggies and doesn't care much for fruit...Go figure. Her favorites are Sweet potatoes, Squash, Applesauce. She's not too sure of Greenbeans, bananas, or pears though.

I think those are all the major ones. J and I took her to the park yesterday for the first time. OH WOW did she have a ball! Here's the proof!

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