Friday, April 15, 2011

16 weeks! 5 months to go!

How Far Along: 16 weeks (4 months)

How Big is The Baby: The size of an avocado (about 4.6 inches and 3.5 oz)

Total Weight Gain: 3 lbs! With a big ol baby belly!

Maternity Clothes: Always in Maternity pants, can still wear most regular shirts.

Stretch Marks: No new ones

Sleep: I have good days and bad days. Lately they have been in between. I usually have to take a Unisom to get to sleep, but then the Unisom makes my RLS go CRAZY. So it's a catch 22.

Movement: All the time! Mostly at night. movements are getting stronger too. At first it was just flutters, but as of last night, it was MUCH stronger. More like a "rolling". It made me gasp!

Food Cravings: Pickles!! And just random things here and there. If I see something or smell something, I'll HAVE to have it.

What I Miss: A nice glass of white wine. Especially in this nice weather. I used to love sitting out on the deck with a nice cold glass of wine, just enjoying the breeze.

What I’m Looking Forward To: April 21st when we can announce the gender officially!! Also, J being able to see/feel the baby move and kick!

Milestones: Making it into the 2nd trimester, hearing the heartbeat through the doppler (157!), Feeling the baby move!!

And just for shits and giggles, a comparison of me at 5 weeks, and then at 14 weeks. Just to show how much my belly has grown!!!

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  1. Aww you have an adorable bump. I cant wait to find out what we are having,movement and baby bump...