Monday, June 7, 2010

Where has the time gone?!

I feel like I haven't posted in forever! Probably because I haven't.....

So much has happened in the last week and a half I don't know where to begin. I guess I'll start with Chris.

He came home from USMC boot camp on Saturday the 29th. J and I were so excited to see him! We made signs to hang off the deck and above the front door, we BBQ'd and had chips and dip and cake and potato salad...the works! And all Chris kept saying was he couldnt wait to come home and have a beer, so we went out and got a lot of that. But when Chris got was very strange. He was so quiet and reserved. He hardly spoke. What happened to our Christopheee??? A couple other of Chris's friends came over...And eventually all of them left our house to go do their own thing...With Chris. J and I stood in the middle of our house like WTF?!? What just happened here? Did we seriously put all this time and energy into throwing this welcome home shin-dig for him, and he just bailed on us?? J was so hurt....He was almost in tears. This was his BEST FRIEND. And he had completely changed.

The next day, there was a big party at Chris's parents house. Again there was TONS of food, more than we had put out. J and I werent sure if we wanted to go because we were so ticked at him for what he had pulled the night before. Besides, the people that he ditched us with were going to be there and we didn't particularly want to see them either. But we decided to go. We didnt plan on staying long...But plans change right?! After a few hours....a few helpings of food, and a few drinks, J and I started to see the old Chris coming out. Chris Recruiter was there as well. And he told us not to worry, most everyone comes home from boot camp a little different, and he would snap out of things soon enough. Well he sure did. By nightfall, Chris was back to the guy we know and love, and J and Chris were connected at the hip...Inseperable!

The next morning, J, Chris, Amanda (Chris's girlfriend and also my best friend) and I went out to breakfast and a movie. While there, Chris kept complaning of his left hand really hurting. We looked at it and HOLY HELL it was swollen! We thought he might have broken something. He ignored it like the big tough Marine he is, and we went out to have a fun filled day with a movie, snake hunting, a trip to "High Rock" which is the highest point in our little town, and BEAUTIFUL. And then we went to Red Lobster with a couple other friends.

A few days went by and next thing you know, Im getting a call from Amanda saying that Chris is in the hospital and might need surgery on his hand! WHAT?!?

Well. that was last week. Today Chris is STILL in the hospital with a diagnosis of Cellulitis. A nasty infection under the skin. He most definitely got it from boot camp and the open blisters on his hand. They had thought he was getting better, and almost got to come home last night, but the Dr made a last minute decison to keep him more and they are going to do the surgery this afternoon.

So, today, in my 3rd week of Housewife-dom....I'll run some errands for J, pick up a little and then head on down to my 2nd home (The hospital) for chris's surgery. I wish J could be there...I know he wants to...but work is calling!

That's pretty much it for now...If you're still reading this, Congrats! It was a long one!


  1. Chris has really had a rough time of it, poor kid. He sure has changed, but for the better ... I'll check on him later as I didn't get to talk with him yesterday nor today yet.

    We had such a lovely time with you all yesterday, sweetie. Thank you, both.

    Love ya! Mini

  2. Hope the surgery went well and the healing is quick!