Sunday, June 13, 2010


I literally have nothing to say. Not much has been going on around these parts. I'm so tired of being out of work. It's only been a little less than a month and I am so ready to go back. I've decided not to wait around for this place to have business pick up and wait for them to call me back. I've applied with several other companies, one in particular is very promising. But I'm not saying anything because I don't want to jinx it.
I don't like being in this positon. All those years I spent with my ex, on his ass because I was paying all the bills and he was not working. Now I'm the one who's home all day and J goes to work and works his tushy off! I feel like such a hipocrite. But J assures me he doesn't feel used or taken advantage of. He sees how hard I am trying to find other work. And he says he likes coming home to me and a clean house and dinner waiting for him on the table. I'm not going to's nice to do that. It's nice to be able to do that for him. But I don't like spending his money.

In other news....My tooth is giving me so much trouble. I'm in constant pain now. Before, it was mainly just at night time it would act up. I would take a few aleve and within 30 minutes the pain was gone. Now it's ALL DAY everyday. Aleve isn't working, Tylenol isn't working...Vicodin words sort of, but it only lasts for a few hours. Last night (or this morning rather) I didn't go to sleep until 6:30 AM because of the pain. I had to go out around 4 am to the local 24 hour store to buy some Ambesol (Which J accidently threw out today). Im just a mess. It is to the point now where I HAVE to do something about it. I can't live like this anymore, I need a dentist like..Yesterday. I'm just going to have to borrow money from my Mom, which believe me, I HATE doing. I don't like taking money from anyone. But I just can't take the pain anymore. It's like a kidney stone in my mouth.

OH! My Uncle from Arizona is in town! I haven't seen him for 6 years! It's so nice having him around, he's such an awesome guy. He and J get along really well too...They are both Rednecks! One day this week, were going to our family's monument at the Gettysburg Battlefield. It's the "Friend to a Friend" monument. Our ancestor, Captain Bingham, was fighting for the Yankees....His best friend was a Confederate. He saw his friend get shot down, and went to his aid and put his own life at risk. A very moving monument. J is very into the Civil War and I really would love him to see this and be a part of it. J is so smart and educated when it comes to history. I always said he should be a history teacher!

I have some new pictures to put up when I find the time. Some very sweet ones of J and I!!

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  1. I am sorry your tooth is being such an annoyance, but I've told you before we'd help you out, Ashley.

    I guess the tooth is why we didn't hear from/see you all yesterday ... I am sorry it is such a 'pain', sweetie.

    Poppy sure has enjoyed sharing/teaching Joshua all about history ... they are such 'buds' when it comes to doing Civil War things together. You can never imagine what joy Poppy has received with Joshua going everywhere with him & loving the history, as does he.

    I do hope when you go to the monument you will ask Poppy to go with you ... he would love sharing that moment with you both. He did tell you that when we saw the miniature statue at your home.

    We are slammed doing genealogy ...we are punching it out to get it done FINALLY after 15+ years ... we are nearing the finish with the data, then the scanning documents, etc. YIPPEE SKIPPY!!!

    Y'all call ... Love, Mini