Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ramblings of a young Republican

Can you tell I am SO ready for Fall to begin?! Hopefully it will be here sooner rather than later. The high is 91 today with a heat index of 99. YUCK.

Anywho- Onto the important things! Election time is upon us, and it brings out the crazy in all of us. We all think we are right....I just happened to actually BE right! Haha- Get it?

It's no secret that I am extremely Republican. Now, I say Republican and not Conservative, because I have always felt there is a big difference between the two. I am 100% completely a staunch Republican in regards to fiscal issues. Social issues? I do lean more to the left there....But not entirely. Do I think EVERYONE has the right to get married, whether you are black, white, gay, or straight? Sure. But I don't honestly care enough about it to let that sway my decision in the election. It doesn't affect me because....Well, I'm not gay. Do I think making abortions illegal is a little extreme and opens up a whole can of worms for the rape/incest/medical complications aspect of it? Yes. But I don't condone abortion either. I personally think it should be left the hell alone, and if a person wants to have an abortion for any reason, that's on them. THEY have to live with the decision, not me. I wouldn't do it, under any circumstance. If I were told I would die unless I had an abortion? I don't know....Part of me wants to say yes, I would do it. But the other part of me believes that God does have a plan. And when people are taken from this earth WAY too early, it's because God has a bigger plan for them in Heaven, then here on earth. As for rape- Again, I think it should be left up to a personal decision. I wouldn't do it, EVER. There are details of my life that I am not going to put out here. But I will say this- I have personal reasons for why I feel the way I do. If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant- That is absolutely horrible and I can imagine the emotional/physical pain of it. But that baby- that INNOCENT baby who had no choice in the matter either, is still part of that woman. Who is to say that woman can't grow up to love her child. regardless of who the "sperm donor" was. Just because the father is a complete monster, doesn't mean the child will grow up to be. That's the beauty of the father NOT being in the picture. It's a chance for the Mother to watch her child grow up, and teach them how to be a decent, caring, and moral person.

And then, there is always the WONDERFUL gift of adoption. So many people forget about that. About how many people there are in the world who can't have a child on their own. It makes me sad, because I used to think I would be one of those people. *hugs daughter tight*.

But what *really* matters right now, is the economy. That is the biggest issue and should be TOP priority. Democrats don't want to make it the top priority. They think social issues should be dealt with first. I can't for the life of me, see the logic behind that. Like. At all. I kind of feel like grabbing one and shaking them, slapping them across the face screaming "Are you crazy?!?!" So...You're gay and you are now officially allowed to get married anywhere you want, anyway you want. You want the big dream wedding that everyone dreams of. But oops.... The economy is still shit. You lost your job 6 months ago because your company went out of business because they couldn't afford the cost of Obamacare. You can't find a job paying the same salary, so you're flipping burgers at McDonalds to try to scrape by. Too bad you can't put that OH SO IMPORTANT social issue of legalizing gay marriage EVERYWHERE to use and you know, actually get married. Oh darn.

It would be great if we lived in a perfect world where everyone's view and beliefs were the same. But it would also be kind of boring, dont you think? Are Romney/Ryan my ideal candidates? No. None of the candidates this year really were. Until a Republican candidate comes along and is in favor of legalizing gay marriage and leaving abortion up to a personal decision, AFTER, of course, focusing on the economy, I will never have an ideal candidate. However- I just can't stand behind Obama after all the lies he has told, and all the deceit. He is a scary, scary man. He seems like a wonderful person, outside of politics. But as a politician and Commander in Chief? I am scared shitless of him and what he has done already/could do in another 4 years. There are so many "unknowns" about this man, and it is terrifying.

If you've reached the end of this, depending on your party, you are either applauding, or wanting to ring my neck. Feel free to leave comments! I love a good debate =)

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