Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just a general life update

Where is the time going? Mackenzie will be 8 months old next week. 8 MONTHS! 16 weeks away from being 1 year old. It just boggles my mind. It seems like I was just posting about her smiling for the first time, or learning to roll over. And now I'm posting about her running around the house in her walker, and getting ready to crawl!

She is doing great! She is on strictly table foods and formula now. She is all of a sudden refusing all purees. She likes to "gum up" her food! So basically what we eat, she eats. Her daily schedule is typically:

7am- 7 oz bottle
8:30- some fresh fruit, or oatmeal and fruit, or some puffs, sometimes some scrambled eggs. Then it's playtime!
9:00- Nap time for 2 or 3 hours.
12:00 pm- 6 oz bottle
1:30pm- more fruit, or some steamed veggies, or some bitesize pieces of whatever I am eating if it is baby appropriate. Some puffs as well. Playtime with mama again.
3:00- 6 oz bottle and nap time for 1-2 hours.
5:00- Playtime in walker while mama cooks dinner
6:00- Dinner time! Pieces of whatever we are eating. Usually chicken or pasta and steamed veggies.
7:00- Bath-time, jammies, story-time, 8 oz bottle, and nighty night!
3:00am (give or take)- Wakes once for diaper change and a 4 oz bottle.

Repeat at 7 am the next day!

It doesn't seem like much, but keeping an 8 month old entertained is a full time job!

We have some exciting new developments happening in our life. J and I have been living in a townhouse since we first started dating almost 3 years ago. I own the townhouse with my mother, who is currently living with and taking care of my elderly Grandmother. It's been great living here, but it was built like a piece of crap. It wasn't built properly at all. If we plan on staying here for any considerable length of time (which we do not) we would really need to fix all of these things. And that would just cost money that we don't necessarily have right now. J owns a lot that is about 3 acres, on the outskirts of town. Our plan has always been to build on it in a few years. After discovering all of the issues with our current home, if we paid to fix them, it would take us at least 5-7 years to save up the money we need to build. We just aren't willing to do that. So we have decided to make a bold move. A move that some might considering moving backward and not forward. In about 4 weeks, we will be moving into his parents basement apartment! It's going to save us SO much money and allow us to save up the money we need to build our home in probably a year or so.

We won't have to pay rent, but I'll be taking over handling all the paperwork and office work of the business. So it's almost like I'll have a job again, YAY! And I'll be doing most of the cooking and cleaning, which I don't mind one bit. Kenzie will have to move into our room, but I could care less. It's going to save so much money and pretty soon we'll be in our brand new house and she'll have her own room again.

J's parents are seriously the most wonderful people in the world. I have never met two people who are so generous. His mom is seriously like my best friend. J always laughs, because she and I talk every single day, several times a day. She has to be the best Mother I have ever met. She has worked so hard her entire life to make J into the man he is today. And she did it all on her own. I have so much respect for her and I really look up to her.

Everything else is just rollimg right along. Puppy is doing fantastic and will enjoy the 4 other dogs, and 9+ acres to run around on at J's parents. I am so ridiculously excited to start this chapter of our life! Bring on the boxes and bubble wrap, were movin out!

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