Friday, November 5, 2010

Crazy Busy!

Things have been pretty busy around here....And I love it!

I love my job so much. It's completely beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I didn't realize how much responsibility was going to fall on my shoulders. I thought I was just going to be a simple clerical worker....I had no clue I would be running an entire office!!!!

This job was such a blessing...a blessing that I thought wasn't going to happen.

on Sunday the 24th I had seen an ad in the local paper, advertising for an "open house" for people to come apply for this administrative position at a local cleaning company. So the next morning, I gathered up my resume, put on my office attire, and on I went! Basically I just filled out an application and then met with the owner for a little while. I really liked him and got a good vibe. He told me that he would be calling people for second interviews that night.

fast foward to about 9 pm....No phonecall...I was sitting there stuffing my face thinking "Guess another one with a degree got it......" I was in the middle of singing to a karaoke song (I sing when I get stressed..It calms me down) when the phone rings! Thinking it's my mother calling at such a hour I answered, thinking nothing of it. It was the owner asking me to come in for a second interview! Whew. what a relief. At that point I was feeling pretty confidant that I would get the job. I've never had a second interview and not gotten the job.

I went in the next day for my second interview...It went great just like the first and again I got a really good vibe. The owner then said I would hear from them tonight definitely if I got the job. If I didn't hear from them, it meant they went with someone else.

7 pm:
Okay...they didnt call me till 9 last night so maybe thats when they will call tonight....

9 pm:
Annnnnny minute now my phone will be ringing......yep. Any minute.....

10:30 pm:
They wouldn't call this late......maybe? no....

Uncontrollable sobbing commenced. I was SURE I had the job. What was I going to do?? My unemployment was going to run out in 2 weeks and then I would have zero income.....why me?!?!?!?!

10:00 am
*RING RING RING RING* "Hi Ashley? This is Mr. Boss from blankity blank....I'm SO sorry I didn't get back to you last night...My son needed X-rays and then we found out my Wife's Grandmother passed away....It's been a pretty crazy few hours. Anyway, I was calling because I would love for you to come work with us!!!!"


I started the next day and I have been LOVING it ever since.

I am like a totally different person now. I am happy all the time, I feel better about myself, I'm a pleasent person to be around!

It was a close call....but someone up there was really looking out for me....And I think I know who......

Thanks daddy!

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  1. Well, that is so coincidental that I had sent you that link to apply & you also say you saw it in the paper ... meant to be, dd. Glad you are enjoying it. Haven't heard from you, I assume you have received my notes ...

    Best of luck ... tell me about the job.

    Hugs, dd...
    love, Mini