Sunday, October 23, 2011

1 Month Old!

Mackenzie is 1 month old already! I can't believe it. I really can't.

Anytime I have her out and about, people can't believe she is only a month old. They think she is at least 3 months. Not because of her size...She is very tiny still. But because of the way she acts! She is SO alert and aware of things around her. She does things that I don't think a 1 month old should know how to do. She can lift her head up and hold it like a pro. She's been doing this since she was a few days old, but now she keeps it up for a long time. She recognizes my hair as something to grab, and pulls it all the time. She also will pull her pacifier out of her mouth if she doesn't want it in there.

She had a HORRIBLE diaper rash that actually started in the hospital. I had noticed her little bottom was really red and irritated and said something to the nurse. She assured me it was just "newborn rash" and would clear up in a few weeks. Well, it kept getting worse and worse. We were using EVERYTHING we could think of. Desitin, Mustela, baby powder, warm cloths etc...It wasn't getting any better and was SO bad, it would bleed everytime we wiped her bottom. The por thing would just scream out in pain. It was heartbreaking. Finally, I did the one thing I hadn't even thought of before. I switched from Pampers to Huggies. The thought never even occured me because I had always heard Pampers was the absolute best. And it's what they were using in the hospital. So it had to be good, right? Wrong. After just 2 diaper changes in the Huggies, her rash was GONE COMPLETELY. Not a single red mark on her bottom. I mean, within HOURS the rash was gone. Thank you Huggies!!! So now we are using the Huggies Sensitive diapers and wipes.

She is sleeping like a champ. She already pretty much has a routine. Bottle (4 oz) around 9:30. Asleep in her crib by 10. Then she wakes up for another feeding about 1:30 or 2. Another 3-4 oz. Then it's back to bed until sometime between 4:30 and 6:30. Some nights, after her 2 am feeding, she'll think it's playtime and not want to go down. So I'll stick her in her swing, put on some rock music (yes, she LOVES rock music...That is her daddy in her!) and usually within 20 minutes she is asleep again. Some nights she just is NOT tired, so I'll play with her a little while and then try the swing again.

Her favorite things:

-Bath time

- Car rides

- Going for walks in the stroller

- EATING!!!!

- Tummy time (although after a while she does start getting frustrated)

- Sleeping on her tummy ( before anyone freaks out and calls CPS on me, I only let her do it when she falls asleep during tummy time on her mat, and I am there watching her.)

Least Favorite Things:

- Being flat on her back

- Diaper changes

- Getting dressed/undressed

- Just being fussed and messed with in general

All in all she is a pretty happy and content little girl!!! I am so excited to watch her grow and see her little personality develop!!!!


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