Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's baby time!!!!!

Tomorrow night I'll be checking in to L&D and won't be checking out until my daughter is in my arms!!!

Cervidil starts tomorrow night thanks to my oh so uncooperative cervix. And the pitocin will be started Friday morning!

This is it. Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Best of luck Mackenzie, your big day is just around the corner!
    Love Mini & Poppy

  2. Congratulations, Ashley, to both you and Daddy-to-be! It's been quite a while since I visited and commented. There are just so many blogging friends to visit, it's hard to leave comments for everyone, as I'm sure you've encountered yourself. I hope all goes well with you and may I say in advance: Welcome to the World, little Baby! Good luck and much happiness to you.