Friday, September 24, 2010

Woah, I've been lazy

I have way too much to upate on, and not a whole bunch of time to do it in. So I will give you the cliffnotes version....

September 16th was my birthday!!! I can honestly say it was the best birthday I have ever had. It started at 5:30 in the morning when I got up with J so he could drop me off at his moms on his way to work. She had some surprised planned for me apparently....2 hours and a shitton of traffic later, we arrived at a small private airport. I was going on a helicopter ride!!! And not just any helicopter. The very same one that the Queen of England rides in. I literally sat my tookus in the same spot as the Queen! I kept saying I felt like Paris Hilton or something!!

Later that night, J, my mom, our friend the other J, and MY J's parents went out for dinner and drinks. I consumed A bahamma Mamma, A long Island Iced Tea, a Sex on the Beach and some southern comfort drink. I was DUNZO by the time we left the restauraunt. But it wasn't over! That was just pre-gaming!! Went back to our house, and discovered the most delicious drink I have ever had in my life. We call it "Creeper Lemonade". It's Rasberry vodka (which btw is delicious by itself...You dont even need to add anything), water, and lemonade mix. We call it "creeper" because it literally sneaks up on you and knocks you on your ass. 2 glasses of that and I was even more toasted. I finally passed out on the bed, while the boys were downstairs watching Moulin Rouge....Yes...You heard me. Moulin Rouge...It's one of J's favorite movies!!!

The next day I got my present from J....While I was out, he landscaped out entire front yard!!!! He did a beautiful job!! This is something that had he actually gone to a job to do this, probably would have cost a good bit. It looks so gorgeous and we now have the prettiest yard in the neighborhood. Plus, J got a new client out of it!! One of the neighbors saw what an awesome job he was doing, and asked him to landscape their property! This gift meant so much more to me than anything he could have gotten at a store. It's something he built with his own 2 hands...For our home. I'll always treasure it! Even when we move.....Just knowing he did that for me.....Gets me choked up =)

Saturday was a little party that J threw for me. All of my wonderful friends came out...It was a blast!!! Even my mother got wasted! So much so that she didn't even remember how she got home that night! Ahhh...She needed a good night out!

Some more awesome news....J and I are expecting a little bundle of joy!!! And it's a girl!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited that we will have a little baby girl this Sunday!!!

Oh...Did I mention she's a Pomeranian puppy?? Gotcha ;)

After we had to give away our precious KG (our rottie/shepard mix) We have been wanting to get a puppy. Our house is just too small for a big dog like he was. He needed much more room to run around. So he went to go live with a nice family with 3 acres!! We decided on a Pomeranian because I have had Poms before...I love ALL dogs, dont get me wrong. But I have never loved a breed like a Pomeranian. Best part is...She'll always be too little to get up on the counters or into the trash!!!! I wasn't even intending on purchasing a dog right now. But this was just too amazing to pass up. For those of you who have seen Marley and Me, you know what "clearence puppy" means. Well, that is what she is. She was discounted because she has an irregular heartbeat. This is something that WILL clear up with age, but she still will never be able to be bred, or be in shows. So she was offered at a discounted price that was too amazing to pass up. Plus, I was born with an irregular heart too...It was meant to be! We will be picking her up early Sunday afternoon. I of course, am over the moon thrilled....J is happy that I am happy, but he's not big into little fluff balls....Or "Dustmops" as he calls them! But he still thinks she is adorable!

Alright, so I think that is it....for now. I'll try to udate this mor often, but with a new baby it's going to be difficult!!

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  1. We want pictures! We want pictures! =) Of the landscaping and the adorable dustmop you're bringing home.

    Soooo happy you had an amazing birthday girly. You deserved it. Love ya!